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Conquered: Kalavantin Durg

Kalavantin Durg in the morning.
Photo Credits: Walk To Conquer

Durg Kalavantin is a hill station in the Matheran range which is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, at the eastern side of Panvel, on the way to Pune via old Mumbai-Pune route. It is at an elevation of 2300 feet above sea level.


This Kalavantin fort is a spellbind fort, situated just opposite to historic Prabalgad fort and clearly visible from Mumbai-Pune highway. According to ancient tribes, the fort was constructed for a queen named Kalavantin. The steps leading up to the fort have been cut into the rock face of the hill. It is said that on every Holi (Shimga) Festival, the Adivasi People of Prabalmachi village follow the custom of dancing at the top of Kalavantin fort. These people share a long-standing relationship with this fort, and it has become a part of their heritage.

Early morning view, where the moon is waiting for the sun to rise.
Photo Credits: The Girl With No Category


The journey towards the summit started a day before in the evening around 6:00 p.m. The first stage of the climb comes to an end at the checking point; the place where forest officials will check your bag for any intoxication items, so make sure you do not carry any alcohol or cigarettes because it is strictly prohibited.

Once, your team successfully crosses the checking point, the stage two towards the base camp starts. As you keep climbing closer to summit it will be difficult for you to perceive nature since the sun will be down by then, do carry a torch! This climb will go on for around an hour depending on the speed of the group. Keep walking till you strike the base camp. For the first-timers don’t worry, as at Kalavatin Durg there is a small stall at every certain distance for your recovery. The stall is owned by the villagers and provides you with lemonade, cucumber, tea, and biscuits.

City view
Photo Credits: The Girl With No Category

As you get tired and you wonder, how much more? The far off city lights, the hustle bustle of the city you feel from the distance, the silence of the starry sky you are under, far far away from the city, just observing. That! that moment will trigger the motivation for you to climb further and reach the base camp.

Photo Credits: The Girl With No Category

Now, this is where you will be surprised to see the villagers already have food ready for you to eat, the available 3 options are veg, non-veg and Jain food. The food is homemade, simply authentic and delicious! After food, your group may go to their respective tents to enjoy the bonfire. Please note: Washrooms are available so do not worry. Carry sweaters and jackets to keep yourself warm throughout the night. Furthermore, there is no network connectivity.

Stage 3 of the trek starts early mornings, make sure you climb and reach the top before the sunrise. The most challenging part you will face is to wake up early in the morning (In this cold weather this seems to be impossible but just do it.) You will enjoy the wind, nature as you start your trek, you’ll also come across a cave along your way, but do not try to enter without a guide with you as the forest is said to inhabit snake species like Indian Common Krait, Russell’s Viper, Saw scaled Viper, Indian Spectacled Cobra, Bamboo Pit Viper.

After everything you reach the stage 4 climb where you’ll think this is not possible. Believe me, it just looks hard but it is actually not! Once you cross, this, that’s it, enjoys the view!

Watching the Sunrise
Photo Credits: Walk To Conquer

But hold on, there is still a small hill yet to be conquered to reach the top of the Kalanvatin Durg and the only way to reach is with the help of a rope. Since I have done it before, it wasn’t as tough for me, I also had an experienced and knowledgable guide from the team ‘Walk To Conquer’ with me, therefore, I was completely safe.

Please note: Do not attempt to climb this patch without any safety equipment.

New Year’s first Sunrise
Photo credits: Walk To Conquer

Once, you reach the top, look, look around you’ll see Matheran hill, Chanderi, Peb, Haji malang, Karnala fort, and our own Mumbai city. Once you reach the top, feel, enjoy the breeze that touches your skin to make you fresh; wait for the sun to rise from the mountains with all its positivity; wait, wait for the sunshine to caress your cheeks.

She Conquered
Photo Credits: Walk To Conquer

To experience all of this, all you have to do is… Keep walking! Because constantly remember, you’re walking to conquer!

How to get there:

  • 1) By Train + bus:
  • Get down at Panvel railway station.
  • 5-minute walk to the State Transport Bus Station.
  • 1-hour bus ride till base village Thakurwadi.
  • Easy trek till Prabalmachi.
  • The direct route is properly marked till the base village.
  • 2) By Train + Rickshaw:
  • Once, you reach local Panvel railway station.
  • Share TumTum Rickshaw till shedung phata.
  • Hire Rickshaw till Thakurwadi Village from shedung phata.

For treks contact: WALK TO CONQUER at 8976815814 or follow them at IG @walk_to_conquer.

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“My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.” – Pablo Picasso

What his mother meant was there is only one you and in life, just be the best version of yourself.

The profession of motherhood is all about influence. Being a woman you and I have an incredible opportunity to influence the next generation by what we will do as a mother every single day. This is why it is so important during the years that mothers have been investing in raising a family with her life lessons, morals, and values. They heal themselves when life hurts them and take care of themselves so that they can look after their family.

They keep thinking about parenting, homemaking or even about investing in your studies, marriage and the list goes on. They say “when you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts, they always think twice, once for herself and the other for her child.” We cannot underestimate the power of a mother’s love, the value of a home and the significance of their intentional presence in our home and who won’t be happy to receive mother’s love packed in a beautiful black box especially when its the food they make?!


Yes, a Box of love from this company called SuperMoms!

SuperMoms Co is not a business initiative. It’s a social movement! A movement to thank all the moms out there for all that they do for us. A movement to help them gain the recognition they deserve. A movement to give back the love and appreciation that they have always showered upon us.

SuperMoms Co is a constantly growing team of moms who cook amazing delicacies, snack items, dips, chutneys, pickles, sherbets, laddoos, etc. – items that have a shelf life of 1 month or more.

Well, what to do to be a part of this movement and help a mom? Don’t worry I’m here to help you!

  1. Make an order from the menu below: WhatsApp Image 2018-07-02 at 12.06.35 AM

For SuperMoms Food Box you need to pre-order:

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In the second week of the month, the SuperMoms will cook these items for you with all the love you deserve.

In the third week of the month, the SuperMoms Team will curate and pack the box for you. Then within no time, the customized Food Box arrives at your doorstep!

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SuperMoms also offer Protein bars for gym freaks, Corporate gifting, Wedding hampers, and customized boxes, so what are you waiting for? Come to join the movement to thank all the moms out there for all that they do for us in our day to day life that somewhere molds us to be the person who we are today!

This can be your way of paying tribute to MOMS! This will be a way of bringing a smile to a MOM! Let’s do our bit for them now! 


Master The Art Of Forgiveness

Francesca M. Healy

Forgiveness is important because you deserve peace. You must forgive everyone who has ever hurt you to live a life with perfect health and happiness. You cannot forgive yourself completely until you have forgiven others first.

Well, of course, you need to understand that forgiving does not necessarily mean that you like that person or want to associate with him/her. Forgiveness can also mean that you wish for their health, happiness, peace, joy and all the blessings of life.

Here’s a small technique that I practice and believe me it works, think of God and his love for you, and then just repeat these lines:

I fully and freely forgive (take the name of the offender). I release him/her mentally and spiritually. I completely forgive everything connected with the matter in question. I am free and (name the person) is free. It is a marvelous feeling.

This is my day of general amnesty. I emancipate anybody and everybody who has ever hurt me, and I wish each and everyone; health, happiness, peace and all the blessings of life. I do this freely, joyously and lovingly. Whenever I think of a someone who has hurt me, I say,” I have released you, and all the blessings of the life are yours.” I am free and they are free. It is wonderful!

Well, you will be thinking that this might not work but the secret is to keep repeating the prayer. Whenever the person or the situation comes to your mind just say, “ Peace be with you.” Do this as often as the thought enters your mind. You will find that after a few days the thought of the person or experience will fade into nothingness.

Now, how will you check if you have completely and sincerely forgiven a person? Imagine that I tell you something wonderful about someone who has wronged you, cheated or defrauded you. If you sizzle at hearing the good news about this person, the roots of hatred are still in your mind, playing havoc with you. If you have truly forgiven someone, you will definitely remember the incident, but you will no longer feel the sting or hurt of it.

Remember, to forgive is to give something for, so give love, give peace, give joy, give wisdom and all the blessings of life to the other person, until there is no sting left in your mind. Though this will take some time but practice it because this is the true meaning of Forgive until seventy times seven.

Inspired by Joseph Murphy
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Gift Yourself A Pair Of Socks!

4Socks from The Tailor, India

Gifting ourselves should be one of the essential aspects of our life and it comes in many forms, most of them in small moments in everyday life. For example, as I write this, the gift is to lean back from the keyboard, take a breath, look out the window, and relax. It’s a do-able gift. Tangibly, earlier this week I gifted myself three pairs of cute little socks from my new favorite website The Tailor, India: to appreciate myself on letting go of my thinking about the things that were beyond my control.

Well, now you will think why socks?

I realized in life we tend to ignore the things that accompany or lead us to our goal. Now, for example, we always recognize the person who scores a goal for the team but what about the person who gave a pass to make a goal? In the same way, we tend to give importance to the shoes we wear but do we give the same amount of importance when it comes to buying a sock?


Unknowingly, over a period of time through the wear and tear of our socks, and as silly as it may sound, they’ve become an important part of our lives. Well, to know how much the socks secretly mean to us, we need to only consider our pain in their absence. Especially, when we don’t have any clean pair left or if we lose one doing laundry. When we observe a gradual slackening of an elastic ankle band or if there’s a beginning of a hole at the heel, not only this, what happens when we totally forget to pack any for a long trip?


My journey of sock acceptance to socks affection begins with this site called THE TAILOR, INDIA. Understand a gift is not inevitably what we merely desire but just as often what we need. Socks are there with you all the time, right from the time you were born until your old age. Be it the love for music, Ice-cream cones, animals, Hello Kitty, Unicorns, a specific sports team or even a superhero? A pair of socks exists for pretty much every occasion, mood, and interest of every individual. They keep our toes warm and cozy in the darkest and coldest days of the year, they absorb foot sweat and prevent blisters during summers. Meanwhile, the brighter colors and variety of goofier and Daffy patterns wrap us in a complete cheer. The sheerest pleasures are really quite simple, and that’s what every new pair of socks reminds us! No matter what century you live in, what country you live in, like the stocking, the sock is meant to be full, stuffed, stretched to the limit with life.


Tugging on a pair of fuzzy socks is like a hug that starts with your feet, So give a sock hug to yourself and shop your favorite pair today! Knowing your own giving heart, which usually is offered to others; can you not extend that heart to yourself? Out of kindness and wisdom, support and sanity let your gifts flow to that one being in this world over whom you possess the most power and therefore to whom you have the highest duty of care – the one who has your name.”


To Shop Visit:

The Tailor, India:

Instagram Handle ID: @Ig_thetailor



FAMILY – Moments Like This!

How many of us try to feel? Or try to consider love and be happy with the tiniest expression?

Meticulously, I tried to capture a moment, but a picture or a video can’t hold what a heart is feeling: Watch the video All I recall was, at that moment I just wanted to stop the world from spinning.


This is nothing about but, a moment that I had with my family. Well, we ordered few wallpapers to decorate our house and in that process is when I understood that sometimes love can be felt if you try to look beyond!

All we should do is look around us and observe all the tiniest things. I felt the love when my father was standing behind us for our safety, I felt the love when we sisters were conscious about every step of ours so that the other one won’t be hurt, I felt the love when my mother was constantly worried about the tiniest bruise that we all got while working. I could feel the assurance, confidence, and trust that my mom holds in dad when she said, “I know nothing will happen to my kids as long as you are there.” The love is so profound that you could feel the vibes, happiness, and joy in the environment.

Meanwhile, I realized how beautiful it was to see, observe, think and feel the love. We tend to be so busy with our lives that we lose on to such small beautiful feelings, because the moment I saw my family and their eyes that were filled with joy, I realized how important it is for me to see them happy! The moments full of jokes that we laughed on, the songs that we sang, the breaks we took to dance on, gave us a brimful moment of life, love, and laughter. These little things, be it words, actions or gestures, are the many of the small things that we do every day and that naturally expresses our heart, all it takes is to feel every bit of it and consider. They are not the result of calculations or intentions but are rather spontaneous expressions of what we feel. Small manifestations of love can be seen only when we are clear and keep our hearts are open.

Today, when I sit back and relive the moment what makes me happy is all their joyful faces! And yes! Definitely, we live for moments like this! We come alive in moments like this and that night yet again “The walls of this house saw a family building their home.” Watch the video